Cold Formed Steel (CFS) Stud

Surinak Engineering, LLC has been involved in several new build projects that required Specialty Structural Engineer (SSE) design and sign off of CFS, including the development of signed shop drawings. Projects have varied from multi-family, dealerships, schools, and more. For Brownsburg's Lincoln Elementary, Surinak Engineering, LLC provided not only signed steel shop drawings of loadbearing CFS, we also designed CFS shear walls, and provided a full BIM set.  We interacted with other trades via computer models to quickly and efficiently address several conflicts before rework was required.

Specialty service

Surinak Engineering, LLC brings engineers with multiple experiences together to successfully tackle a wide variety of Specialty Structural Engineering services.

Signs/Signature Features
Let Surinak Engineering, LLC assist you in helping your business make a statement by engineering your site features. Surinak Engineering, LLC helped make the signage feature below.  These large features had to handle extremely large wind loads, yet also minimize impact on the existing structures.  Surinak Engineering, LLC also analyzed and specified the components and cladding for the structures to ensure the total feature worked as a single unit.

Surinak Engineering, LLC

Construction Inspections

Surinak Engineering, LLC can provide all levels of construction inspections for many different construction types.  This example project below was a steel pre-fab building.  The owner was concerned about the quality of the erection process.  Surinak Engineering, LLC inspected and identified areas that didn’t comply with the Steel Code of Standard Practice as well as performed analysis and design of owner requested modifications to the structure.

Evaluation and signoff or repair of existing conditions

Michigan International Speedway (MIS) removed several thousand bleachers to expand their trackside RV parking.  The removal process required modifications to some of the remaining support structure.  MIS required engineering evaluation and signoff that the modifications to the remaining support structure was safe.


The project below demonstrated the power of wind in an enclosed space.  Large straight line winds from a storm entered the structure through open overhead doors.  The resultant overpressure physically bowed a concrete and steel stud wall several inches into an adjacent space and the wall fell back into place after the storm passed.  Surinak Engineering, LLC had to use non-destructive methods to determine which elements failed and how to repair the damage.

Steel Joists

Surinak Engineering, LLC has designed modifications for joists and deck manufactured by all of the major steel joist manufacturers.  We are experienced in reverse engineering truss load capacities, as well as designing reinforcement or repairs.