Custom Remodels/Additions

Surinak Engineering frequently handles unique remodels.  This homeowner had purchased a hundred year old church and wanted to convert it into a home, while maintaining several architectural details from the original structure.  See our video on how we made it all happen for them.  This homeowner also wanted to be their own General Contractor, and Surinak Engineering, LLC provided needed advice to assist them through the process.

Surinak Engineering, LLC

Surinak Engineering, LLC can also support more standard additions such as this garage expansion.  The new garage also included a roof deck for relaxing.  Surinak Engineering, LLC handled city required site plans in addition to structural and architectural plans.  This homeowner had selected their own general contractor, and Surinak Engineering, LLC worked with the G.C. to ensure the end result met the homeowners expectations.

Deck Design

Some locales require a PE to sign off on deck designs or foundations, and Surinak Engineering, LLC frequently performs these services for a modest fee.  The deck example shown was a more complex problem, where the deck was a second story, had to support a large fireplace, and also not impart any loads on the brick veneer of the home.

Open Concept

Surinak Engineering, LLC is familiar with the challenges of opening up older homes to provide that new open concept feel.  We are familiar with both wood and steel construction and we understand the cost sensitivities of homeowners.  Steel provides a lower profile, but at a cost, however, there are instances where steel is required.  For this project the homeowner wanted an extremely long span with a low profile, and the contractor wanted to keep costs down.  A multi-ply LVL was selected with proper end bearing to provide the final look the homeowner wanted.

Custom Homes

Surinak Engineering, LLC works with premier residential architects to make unique designs a reality.  This homeowner had several large open spaces, changing elevations, and a one of a kind steel canopy structure as part of their dream home.

Residential Inspection Services

Surinak Engineering, LLC supports the individual homeowner by performing residential inspection services.  From investigating the source of foundation issues, to bowing roofs and floors, Surinak Engineering, LLC has the experience with both new and old homes to pinpoint the source of your problems.

Residential Design and Services‚Äč