New build/EOR Services

Surinak Engineering, LLC has commercial Engineer of Record (EOR) experience.  This project is a large three story, with future fourth story, multi-use development in Broadripple.  This structure is also the flagship for the headquarters for a local architecture firm, and unique features were desired which required some innovative structural designs.  The structure is in a flood plain with a four foot flood zone, and mixes both wet and dry floodproofing approaches.  Surinak Engineering, LLC had to analyze for a variety of FEMA required flood loads such as; hydrostatic, hydrodynamic, and impact by 1000 pound debris.

Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP)

Surinak Engineering, LLC has performed MEP design for several remodeling efforts.  We are familiar with code requirements as well as the challenges faced during remodeling.  Surinak Engineering, LLC can also perform state required COMcheck analysis for energy efficiency of new systems and upgrades.

Reverse Engineering/Rebuild

Surinak Engineering, LLC is comfortable handling challenging and unique projects.  A local church had a 60 year old, 2000 pound steeple blow off during a wind storm.  Inspection of the debris determined that the failure was due to design details that allowed water to collect on unprotected surfaces.  The original drawing set of the steeple was incomplete, Surinak Engineering, LLC reverse engineered the steeple design based on an inspection of the existing steeple, and then incorporated design changes to handle today’s more rigorous code standards.  Surinak Engineering, LLC also made changes to design details to prevent water collection and recommended material upgrades to provide better protection.  The new steeple matched exactly to the old mounting on the roof, looks great, and will last for more than another 60 years.


Surinak Engineering, LLC filled the role as Designer of Record for this extensive repurposing and remodel of a former church to a classic car storage and restoration facility.  This project provided several unique challenges; variance approvals, change of occupancy (Chapter 34 assessment), wellfield protection, as well as the design of new exterior and interior openings, removal of structural columns, and reinforcement of roof joists.

Commercial Design

Surinak Engineering, LLC